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I Don't Wanna Work...
Keith in white shirt
I just figured out how to use the "current mood" and "music" thingy so I had to post again.

I just wish I didn't have to go to work today...I just wanna stay home and play all day. I mean, I haven't even set up my profile yet. Oh well, maybe I can leave can always hope.

For now I have to go back to bed and try to glean another hour's sleep before I have to get up.

Goals for the weekend: Go see POTC again...and buy more memory for my computer. And try to learn some HTML basics.

Captain Jack Sparrow rules!! Well, actually it's Johnny Depp who rules! Could there be a more beautiful man in the world? I think not. And I have Michelle (for those reading, she's my niece and though I doubt anyone will actually READ this but her, it never hurts to idenify people, right?)to thank for him, too. If not for her *insisting* that I rent and watch "What's Eating Gilbert Grape* three or four years ago, I'd never have given him a chance and would have always just thought of him as that punk kid from "21 Jump Street" As a result of watching that movie, I rented and bought just about every movie he's made. He's....well, HE"s the best, the best there is, too!

Ah, life is sweet:)


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